Service Specials

Gelcoat and Fiberglass Repair Experts:


Have a nick, ding or scratch in your gelcoat that needs repair?  Cobra Performance Boats is the place to make that happen and look as good as new.  We have countless years of experience in repairing all types of gelcoat imperfections including precise color-matching even when multi-hues, fades and blends are involved.  We also take on difficult fiberglass fixes, ranging from major structural problems to minor cracks and crazes.  When we’re done, repaired areas are virtually invisible.  Cobra is the master of ‘glass.’ Give us a try.

Upholstery Upgrades and Repairs:


Age and sun do bad things to boat interiors, but Cobra Performance Boats can help.  If your boat interior is looking worn and a bit shabby, maybe it’s time for a make-over.  Cobra Performance Boats is an upholstery whiz.  We can rebuild seat frames, recover padded hatches, install new carpet or any other upholstery project you might have in mind.  Nothing makes a boat look new again like a complete new interior.  No job too large or small.  We use nothing but the highest marine grade vinyls and carpet.

Now’s the Time for Service and Maintenance:


Your boat is a big investment so taking proper care of that investment is a good idea.  But don’t trust that investment with just anybody to do the necessary service and maintenance work.  You need Cobra Performance Boats with over a decade of factory-trained experience to make your boat engine and propulsion system last longer and run better.  We know what to do, and we work on all popular brands of stern drives and inboards.  We also carry a generous inventory of factory replacement parts so our service and repair turn-around time is faster.  Give us a call (909-482-0047) and schedule your service appointment today. 

Shrink-Wrap and Ready To Go:


Transporting a boat across country or shipping it overseas?  If you are, you’ll want to shrink-wrap it in order to make sure it gets to its destination in the best possible condition.  Cobra Performance Boats has a boat shrink-wrap department right at its factory headquarters in Montclair, CA.  Don’t trust a boat cover for adequate travel protection.  Do it right.  Shrink wrap is the preferred method of long range boat transport protection for all leading boat brands.  It’s fast, economical and gives you peace of mind.

Need A New Prop?


The propeller might just be the single most important factor in your boat’s performance.  But do you have the right one?  Or, does your present prop need repair?  Sounds like a job for Cobra Performance Boats.  Use our experience to help you find the best prop for your boat.  And if you happen to damage your favorite blade, don’t fret, Cobra has the resources to turn most mangled props back into like new condition.  If you’re in the market to buy or repair a prop, see us.  We’ll save you money and make your boat run better.

Stern Drive Service & Repair:


Don’t trust your stern drive maintenance to just anybody.  When it’s time to service or perform a repair, come to Cobra Performance Boats, the stern drive experts.  We have the training, parts and tools to get the job done right and have you back on the water in no-time.  Whether it’s just routine maintenance or a major problem, we can fix it, and fast.  We know stern drives better than anyone.

Engine Tune-Ups:


Is your engine not running quite right?  Cobra Performance Boats can help.  We’ll put our years of marine engine experience to work for you and solve that problem in a hurry.  Remember, a boat engine operating at less than one-hundred percent efficiency is robbing you of fuel mileage and diminishing your boating pleasure.  Whether it’s a new set of spark plugs, or a new sea-pump impeller or a nagging oil leak, Cobra will get to the bottom of it and fix the problem in no-time.



We’ve got something new for you for 2014

COBRA is tooling a brand new 27 Python deckboat.  All new interior, more features, more storage, more comfort, and all new styling.  Click here to check out our progress – we’re targeting the first hull out of the new mold in late January to early February 2014.  If you’ve want to be one of the first to own one, new build orders are now being taken.  Call us at 909-482-0047 – quality trade-ins welcome


2014 260C VENOM






If you’re thinking about selling a boat, think about Cobra Performance Boats, we are consignment boat selling wizards.  We are licensed, registered and bonded ‘yacht/boat brokers.’  And we have quite a following.  Our consignment boats move fast because we look for the cream-of-the-crop.  Wouldn’t it be easier (and faster) to allow Cobra to do the work while you concentrate on buying your next boat?  No more making up ads or waiting for people to come look at your boat but never show up.  We’ll do all of that for you, all for a very modest commission when the boat sells.  You pay nothing upfront. 



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